This page contains details that you may require if you are considering purchasing a piece of my work.

Fastened pots

These pots approximately 30 cm high and between 10 and 20 cm wide. They range in price from £15 to £75.

Torn Pots

These forms range in size from 20 to 40 cm tall and are approximately 10 cm wide. They range in price from £30 to £60.

Garden Pots

There is a large a variation in size with these pots, the blue pyramids are approximatley 60 cm tall and 15cm wide, The dish planter is 60 cm wide and approximately 15 cm high. The green planter is approximately 560 cm high by 45 cm wide. They range in price from £40 to £120

Large forms

Again there is a large variation in size and price. The large gold piece is 55 cm tall by 50 cm wide and is priced at £800. The dishes are approximately 60 cm wide and 15 cm high, They are priced at £45 each. The blue square from is approximately 40 cm high by 30 cm wide and is priced at £40.


The castles are designed to hold a tea light, they are approximately 12 cm tall and cost £12 each. Lighthouses cost £17. The fairy castles are powered by an electric light, they range in cost from £40 to  £75.  The light with a lid on is approximately 45 cm tall and 20 cm wide and costs £55. The large lights are approximately 90 cm tall by 30cm wide and cost either between £60 and £160.


A full pdf catalogue of my work will be available soon.